General Information about Syria

Official Name:Syrian Arab Republic
Official Language:Arabic
Other Languages:English & French
Weights & Measures:metric units
Local Currency:Lira = 100 Piasters
Official Weekly Holiday:Friday & Saturday
Local Times:GMT + 2 hours in Winter & + 3 hours in Summer


Syria is located east of the Mediterranean with a coast of /184/ km long. It forms a connecting point among the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Trade flourished in Syria since old times and tens of civilizations were born or originated on its land.

Administrative Divisions:

Syria is divided into 14 governorates:

Damascus, Damascus DC. - Homs - Hama - Aleppo - Idleb - Lattakia - Tartous - Quneitra - Daraa - Sweida - Deir Ezzor - al Raqqa and al Hasaka. Each governorate is divided into districts.

All in all, there are 60 districts and 84 cities in Syria.


Syria has a moderate Mediterranean climate with clear distinguished four seasons:

- Winter (December, January and February)

- Spring (March April and May)

- Summer (June, July and August)

- the fall ( September, October and November)