Embassy Activities

The Embassy participated in the 21st edition of the China International Investment and Trade Fair held in Xiamen City, Fujian Province.  As part of this event the Embassy has participated in the third Sino-Arab Summit on Trade and Investment.
,, Ambassador Moustapha delivering the speech at the China-Arab Summit on Trade and Investment,,
,, Ambassador Moustapha and diplomat Ziad Zaytoun with group of the organizers and participants in the exhibition,,

A delegation from the Embassy participated in the Tai Yuan Conference (Shanxi Province) for the development of low-carbon energy; Ambassador Moustapha deliver a speech demonstrate Syria's interest and willingness in going to rely on clean energy, he conveyed as well Syria's constant welcome to benefit from the experiences and capacities of the Chinese side in supporting this sector. The ambassador was accompanied by diplomats Fadi Wassouf and Ziad Zaytoun.
,, The picture shows, Ambassador Moustapha with the CPC secretary in the province, governor of TaiYuan city and co-ambassadors,,

launching "INCREDIBLE SYRIA", An exhibition of Syrian antiquities in China, It displays an impressive collection of antiques and artifacts loaned from Syria. These artifacts date back to various and successive historical eras of the ancient history of Syria.
ShenZhen,Nanshan Museum, 4.8.2021 - 7.11.2021

Ambassador Moustapha and diplomatic attach®¶ Ziad Zaytoun visits the National Police University and then attends a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Public Security
,, Ambassador Moustapha and Diplomatic Attach®¶ Ziad Zaytoun during the presentation,,

Members of the Embassy attended the opening session of the 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and planted a tree in the name of Syria in the city's World Heritage Park..
,,Consul Burhan al-Khatib with a group of participating ambassadors and diplomats,,
,,Dr. Wassouf while planting a Syrian tree in the World Heritage Park,,

Diplomats from the embassy participated in a celebration commemorating bicentennial anniversary of the victory led by Simon Bolivar against the Spanish colonial forces in CARABOBO.
,,The picture shows the ambassador and his colleagues with the ambassador from Venezuela and Iran,,

On the invitation of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Mr. Wang Yi, Ambassador Moustapha accompanied by members of the Syrian Embassy visited the newly opened Exhibition of the History of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.